Vangelis Kokkevis, Google

Vangelis is the Tech Lead for O3D and one of the first engineers on the project. He joined Google a year and a half ago, lured by the prospect of making software that can reach millions of people. Vangelis' ambition is to make 3D graphics available on every device that has a web browser. Before joining Google, Vangelis spent six years at Sony's Playstation R&D group working on developing optimized physics libraries for the Playstation3. Prior to that he was an engineer at Alias|Wavefront where he was involved in the development of the early Maya releases.

Gregg hates writing bios and wishes someone else would do this for him but since no one has stepped up to the bat here it goes. Gregg comes from 25 years in the game industry and brings his passion for and experience with game development to the O3D team. He's worked at Namco, Sony Japan, Sega Japan, Naughty Dog and several other game companies contributing directly to over 30 titles from Atari 8bit through PS3. He's known as an "artist's programmer", one of those rare breeds that artists actually like to work with, probably because, though he has no artistic talent, he excels at providing artists and designers with easy to use tools so they can achieve their visual goals.